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1. When did Georgia’s income shares guidelines take effect?

Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines found at O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15 were revised to an income shares model that took effect January 1, 2007.  The guidelines are applied to all temporary and final child support orders.  You can access the Child Support Guidelines through the Child Support Commission website:  Scroll down the page and click the button labeled “Georgia Online Child Support Calculator.”  From the calculator home page, select the “Help” tab dropdown on the menu bar and click “View Child Support Statute” to download the statute.

2. Where do I get the Worksheet and Schedules?

The Online Child Support calculator is available on the Child Support Commission home page,, or directly at  Once on the home page of the online calculator, begin by selecting “Signup” to create a user account.  After your account has been established, select “Login” from the menu bar and login.  To begin a worksheet, click the “Worksheet” tab on the menu bar, and select “Create Folder-Worksheet.”

The Excel calculators, the Standard Worksheet and the Data Entry Form, which Georgia once used, have been retired as of September 30, 2018.  The last version in use was version 9.5.  It is no longer possible for anyone to download these calculators.  Please discontinue use of the Excel calculators immediately.

3. I’m not very good at math. Will it be hard for me to fill out the Worksheet and Schedules?

No. The electronic versions of th e Worksheet and Schedules will do the math and calculations for you. The Data Entry Form will walk you through the whole process by asking you a series of questions. Then, it will fill out the forms for you. As you are answering the questions and providing all of the information you have available, you should save your Data Entry Form every few minutes to save your work. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer crash when you haven’t saved your document!